The Hemp Crusade is a part of a larger (R)evolution dedicated to changing laws and mindsets about thee wide ranging benefits of the hemp plant. HEMP is not weed. It's industry: Paper, cloth, rope, food, oils, protein, fuel for cars, beauty products. It nourishes the soil, is continuously recyclable, and it can create thousands of U.S jobs.It grows in every climate, it can support our economy, and does not require pesticides or herbicides.It absorbs emissions, creates clean oxygen, and was used and promoted by the Founders.

Hemp Crusade Welcome Crusaders!

"Hemp truly is a super-plant, capable of giving us numerous beneficial products that would help contain our carbon footprint and reduce pollution, ultimately leading humanity towards a cleaner and healthier planet, one which we all share. How this plant isn't being used for more things is completely asinine..."

-Mike Dahnert